Sunday, January 3, 2016

Transfer Week!

December 14, 2015
Hello Everyone, 
We received a phone call from President Jensen this morning, Elder Todd will be getting transferred. I will stay in Burlington, and will get a new companion on Thursday. 
This week was a great week! Cristen was baptized! We were trained by Elder James B. Martino of the 70. Just a great week. Elder Martino gave us a lot of great advice. He is a very powerful speaker. He helped motivate the mission to rise, and be more obedient and diligent. He talked on working with the Members better(which is a huge struggle on both the members and missionaries end), being diligent, and purifying or sanctifying ourselves. We were in Iowa City for 2 days. I got to go to Cedar Rapids the night after Zone Conference because we had a meeting in Iowa City the next morning. I got to see a few people I taught while I was there. I got to see Walid he is someone that got baptized while I was in Cedar Rapids. 

Then on Saturday Cristen Pope was baptized. It was a great service. Her family is doing well. The mom is becoming more and more active, and she was just called to be the Secretary in the Relief Society Presidency. They are doing great. Now Shane( the Step-Dad) just needs to quit smoking so he can be baptized, and the family can eventually be sealed! 

The weather has been relatively nice as well. On Saturday it was 61 degrees! It was super nice. It was in the 50's on Sunday which was nice, but it rained super hard most of the day. The work is going well. It is always interesting getting a new companion. I know this is Christs' Church. I love you all! Have a great week! 
-Elder Lords

I attached two pictures. One from Cristens baptism. The other is a picture from a members house. They have a pet pig. She is 225 pounds and lives inside their house. Haha! I am standing inside there kitchen. 
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