Thursday, August 21, 2014

Tracting and Finding

We had a good week. We are staying busy and the members are feeding us about 3 times a week which is very nice. We meet a lot of great people. We taught a man that played college football for UNI (university of Northern Iowa). He played defensive end and is huge. One of the nicest guys I know. We taught him last week and he loved it! We also met a cool guy that is a less active member. He played Triple A baseball for the Orioles. He played in spring training along side Cal Ripkin JR. I have been able to meet a lot of cool people. There are a lot of Refuges from different countries. We met a man, he is from the Congo. He was really hard to understand. He is awesome though. We have been privileged to keep finding new people. We have been tracting, now called Finding a lot. We are teaching 4 new people this week, im excited for that. Well I just want to end saying, pray more. I pray 30 times a day I swear. The lord wants to hear us. He is such a strength.  I love you all!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Exciting News!!!

Hey everyone! Well, we had a pretty good week! It was kind of slow, but that is okay. We worked hard. We spent a lot of time this week with a recent convert who is struggling with depression. He doesn't have many friends and since he was baptized two weeks ago, he feels like Satan is trying to ruin his life. He wants to find a new job and hasn't. 

I have some cool news! We had a new convert call us on Friday and ask us to come over. We got to his house and he told us he is being sealed to his wife on September 6th. He invited us. It has to be approved by the Mission President so we called and he approved it. The family who feeds us a lot is also having their adopted son sealed to them that day also. I'm really excited to go to the temple and Nauvoo!

The members are treating us good. One family fed us twice this week. On my birthday and on Sunday. They were mad at me for not telling them it was my birthday! We found 2 new investigators this week. One lady is super busy and I'm not sure how interested she is. She was super excited, but she keeps rescheduling with us. Well, hope everyone is doing well. The weather here has been mild from what I hear. Today it's so humid that when you drive water settles on the windshield like it does on the mirror after you get out of the shower! That's the craziest! Well take care and have a great week!!
-Love Elder Lords

Monday, August 4, 2014

Teaching the Gospel.. Loving the Work

Hey everyone, 
The mission is going good. We are staying busy!  We are teaching some awesome people. There is a man named Jason who we meet with in his garage. He is starting to gain a testimoney and we have a baptismal date with him but he skipped church this week. He is very interesting... He cant get baptized because he wont stop smoking marijuana.... We have taught 4 investigators since I have been here. We meet a lady named Kasey and she has a 6 year old son. We taught here the first lesson and she asked us if she could be rebaptized into our church before we even asked her to be baptized. We are going to set a date with her on Tuesday. She was so prepared to hear the gospel. She is an awesome lady. I hope everyone is doing well. Im doing great and working hard. It hasnt been too hot here in cedar rapids. We are in a car share so we were biking and on foot last week. We get the car today though so thay will be good. It hasnt been to humid or hot yet. Well I Love you all! Have a good week! 
-Elder Lords 

Friday, August 1, 2014

Iowa Lovin'

YAY!!! Josh made it to Iowa and is loving it!! Here is his 1st letter from Iowa!

Hey everyone!!
I am doing great! I love the mission already! The time is already flying by! I had a great first day. Ill explain more. I was given permission to email so I can give you come great info. I am living in Cedar Rapids, Iowa! I already love it. My companion is Elder Nathan Olson from Rexburg, Idaho he graduated last year his family was in are stake. Im so relieved! I already get along with him great! we have already taught 3 lessons with 3 more today! They just had a baptism sunday that I missed!! well more info to come later.
 Ill be here for 6 weeks but more than likely 12 weeks.
P.S Attached is a picture of the house we live in. We live with the zone leaders. Upstairs is are room but we sleep downstairs because its cooler. The land lord is a member and lets us love there. It only costs the church 150 a month so we cant turn ac below 80 until after 9. Then it can go to 78 but with fans and its actually cool at night its about 72 by bed time. Im already so blessed!!