Thursday, August 21, 2014

Tracting and Finding

We had a good week. We are staying busy and the members are feeding us about 3 times a week which is very nice. We meet a lot of great people. We taught a man that played college football for UNI (university of Northern Iowa). He played defensive end and is huge. One of the nicest guys I know. We taught him last week and he loved it! We also met a cool guy that is a less active member. He played Triple A baseball for the Orioles. He played in spring training along side Cal Ripkin JR. I have been able to meet a lot of cool people. There are a lot of Refuges from different countries. We met a man, he is from the Congo. He was really hard to understand. He is awesome though. We have been privileged to keep finding new people. We have been tracting, now called Finding a lot. We are teaching 4 new people this week, im excited for that. Well I just want to end saying, pray more. I pray 30 times a day I swear. The lord wants to hear us. He is such a strength.  I love you all!

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