Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The mission life

Well my week was crazy it consisted of our most solid investigator moving. She moved to Iowa city, so the missionaries there are getting a miracle. We were very disappointed about that. The Lord blessed us for getting back to work. It was the hottest day of the summer. The car we rode to the district meeting in said 102 degrees. It was very humid too. I was on exchanges with the zone leaders and we had been knocking doors for an hour or more. So we were sweating to death haha! We knocked into a man. I knocked on his door and there was a loud deep voice that yelled "Who is it??!" I replied its the missionaries. He says again in a loud voice " WHO?". I replied again the missionaries. A man opens the door and he is huge. This man is 6 foot 11!! We set a return appointment with him. He isn't working right now because he had back surgery recently. We had an awesome lesson with him. He said that if we could answer some of the questions he has always had he will join our church. He is an awesome guy. He then took us to breakfast this morning it was great. It has been a crazy week. We also knocked into another man , He is a Born Again Christian or a Baptist. We knocked on his door and was like oh come in! We were so excited and then he instantly started to bash. It took us almost two hours to leave his house. He was the nicest rude person I know. Then on Sunday we came home from church to find out two of the missionary bikes from the house we live in had been stolen while we were at church. We felt bad because one bike was the Ward Mission leaders bike. We called him and told him what happened and told him we were sorry. We left to head to an appointment. You would never guess but we found the bike in our back neighbors tree hahah! We aren't sure if they stole it or what we just took it back and returned it haha! The Navoo temple was beautiful! We also got to meet the last mission president that was here before my current mission president. His name is President Jergensen from St. Anthony.  The Lord is always blessing us. We see miracles everyday! I love you all!! Take care! 
-Elder Lords

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