Friday, August 1, 2014

Iowa Lovin'

YAY!!! Josh made it to Iowa and is loving it!! Here is his 1st letter from Iowa!

Hey everyone!!
I am doing great! I love the mission already! The time is already flying by! I had a great first day. Ill explain more. I was given permission to email so I can give you come great info. I am living in Cedar Rapids, Iowa! I already love it. My companion is Elder Nathan Olson from Rexburg, Idaho he graduated last year his family was in are stake. Im so relieved! I already get along with him great! we have already taught 3 lessons with 3 more today! They just had a baptism sunday that I missed!! well more info to come later.
 Ill be here for 6 weeks but more than likely 12 weeks.
P.S Attached is a picture of the house we live in. We live with the zone leaders. Upstairs is are room but we sleep downstairs because its cooler. The land lord is a member and lets us love there. It only costs the church 150 a month so we cant turn ac below 80 until after 9. Then it can go to 78 but with fans and its actually cool at night its about 72 by bed time. Im already so blessed!!

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