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November 9, 2015

November 9, 2015

Hello Everyone! 
Things are going well. We had a good week this week. We have a few people that are progressing towards baptism. We have a family on Date for November 28th; Destiny(Mother), Kourtney(13 year old), and Amareon(10 year old). They are a great family. There biggest hold back is some Word of Wisdom issues. We taught Destiny the Stop Smoking Workshop. She has been doing really good. Her 3rd day of the stop smoking workshop she texted and said "I took one drag of a cigarette, it tasted horrible, and I felt even worse for smoking." She recommitted to keep going with the stop smoking workshop. They are a sweet family. 

Mackenzie is doing very well. She is on Date to be baptized November 21st. She is a really smart, and humble 15 year old. She just finished the ENTIRE Book of Mormon. She read it cover to cover in like 34 days! We are really excited for her to be baptized. She was introduced to the Gospel online. She become friends with a boy from Logan, UT who is a member. He talked to her about the church and invited her to read the Book of Mormon. She read Nephi to Mosiah and then got on and referred herself to us. She is really cool. We have been teaching her since between sessions of General Conference. 

I love the work here in Burlington. It is  one of my busier areas. We have a lot of work to do still. I love it. The ward is smaller, but the work is great. I love to see how the spirit can change people. We met a guy who said that he was angry with God, because he lost his child. He said he was not interested in talking. We testified of the Plan of Salvation and he changed and said "Okay, come back on Sunday". We went back and taught the plan of Salvation to him and his fiancee. They were both in tears the whole time. We set a return appointment for the next Sunday. We went back and they weren't home. Dakota works as a Mechanic and is very busy. We ran into him at his Mothers(she will hopefully be an investigator as well soon) house and he said "Ive been thinking about you guys come back by sometime." We went back and  he said that he kept feeling like we should come back, and that he kept being reminded of us. The spirit worked on him and he completely changed! It was super cool to see. The Holy Ghost is so important in missionary work. I hope you all have a great week. I love you all! 

-Elder Lords

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