Sunday, July 5, 2015

Teaching with President Jensen

June 22, 2015

     Hello Everyone, This week was a great week. We saw a lot of success in our area. We had MLC on Tuesday. MLC is Missionary Leader Council we just talk about the mission and any changes or problems. It is a cool meeting because you see everything across the mission, but it is super long! I used to think 3 hours of church was long but that is nothing. We sit in MLC from 9 to 5 haha! It is CRAZY! while at MLC President Jensen come up and said "I will be in Iowa City for a few days. I would like to go out teaching with you on Wednesday or Thursday." So on Thursday we meet President Jensen at 6 p.m. I was super stressed that the appointments we had would fall throw. They didn't thankfully. We had a member meal with a young couple named the Allens. Then we had a lesson with a man named Rick. When we got to Ricks house he said "ive invited my son, wife, and neighbor to listen to you. Come around back we will sit around the fire" It was a great lesson Rick(the grandpa), Ryan(Ricks son who has a family), and Ethan (the neighbor) all excepted the invitation to be baptized it was a great lesson. President Jensen just switched off teaching with us he is a great teacher. He was a Professor before he retired but the spirit is just so strong with him. We ended up getting out of the lesson at 9:25 p.m we are supposed to be home at 9:30 and we still had to take President Jensen to the Marriott in Coralville. As I was driving him, in our minivan haha, i got a little anxious and started to speed. I was going 32 in a 25 when our Car Tiwi told me to "check my speed". I was pretty embarrassed at first but President said he wanted to here what one sounded like haha! He wasn't too upset he just told me to slow down. It was a great evening! Hope all is well for everyone! Love you all!
-Elder Lords

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