Sunday, June 19, 2016

Justin was baptized!

June 12
Hey Everyone, 

Wow, it has been a great week. It has been busy, fun, and stressful. The best part of the week was this; Justin was baptized, and confirmed today! It was great. He was supposed to be baptized this last week, June 4th, but then his date got moved because of his family. Then he was supposed to be baptized June 18th, but his Mother's girlfriend said that he couldn't be baptized that day, but that he could this Sunday. We had to scramble to get the baptism all set up. The ward was a little frustrated that we didn't give them more notice. Of course we would have given them more time, but we gave them as much time as we could. I am sure that Alma didn't give the people a few weeks notice that he would be baptizing people at the Waters of Mormon. Haha, No I know we need to respect, and work with the ward, but Justin was ready and prepared. He needed to be baptized. He was so happy at his baptism. We shouldn't deny him the blessings of the gospel because "The ward needed more notice." I am glad that they were able to understand that, plus the Stake President helped them to see they were being unreasonable. Sorry for my rant. Justin was baptized. It was super great. He was super happy! He kept smiling the whole day. 

This week we will have MLC on Tuesday. Then we will travel the mission Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday giving the same training from MLC. It should be good. Hopefully we can help the missionaries. Have a great week! I love you all! 

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