Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Coreana was confirmed!

Well this week went pretty well. Coreana who was baptized several weeks ago finally got back from Texas and got all settled in. She was confirmed by Elder Cox sunday at church! It was awesome that she was finally confirmed! She is doing well. Her daughter loves church and so that helps motivate her to come!
We also had the opportunity to watch "Meet The Mormons" with 2 of our investigators. They both really enjoyed the movie. I love meet the Mormons it is a great film. I also had a pretty cool opportunity yesterday. I interviewed Dwayne for baptism and it was my first interview. I was pretty nervous because I kept thinkin what if he isn't ready and I have to tell him he needs a little more time. Well I sat down and got to know him. He likes to watch baseball and football so we talked about that and his family. Then we started the interview and he knew his stuff. He has such a strong desire to get baptized and I knew without a doubt by the power of the holy ghost that he was ready for baptism. It was awesome! The weather has been great this week! It rained like crazy on Thursday but other than that it has been good! I love the warm weather! But it makes me want to go camping haha! No camping for me for a while. I wanted to volunteer to go with the scouts but we aren't allowed to go camping. Our job is missionary work haha! Have a great week! Love you all!
-Elder Lords

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