Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Rain and Sun!

Hey Everyone! Things are going very well. This week was a fun week. We met and Taught a ton of people from Liberia. They are pretty hard to understand but we are praying for the gift of tongues. They are awesome and humble people. We met a lady named Mable who has been in the US 5 years now and she first moved to Salt Lake where she joined the church. Her and 2 of her daughters joined the church im Salt Lake. Her husband marshal just made it to the US in December. We knocked into Mables friends and Mable came in part way through are first Lesson with Augustine and Patience (also from Liberia) and started saying "Its all  true! What they are saying is true!" It was awesome! So now we are teaching her Husband and her friends that she knew from when she lived in Liberia. Our Father in Heaven is guiding this work. It is great to see. I just finished a book called Power of Everday Missionaries by Clayton M Christensen. Its a great book its only about 160 pages long.
The weather is Sunny and nice today. Last week was pretty rainy. It rains a lot here. A lot more than im used too! We are meeting our investigator Kory at a baseball field by his house and playing catch and having a home run derby on one of the little league fields. I am pretty excited for that. Hope all is well! Love you all!
-Elder Lords

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