Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A Rainy Week!

Hello everyone! This week things went pretty well. We didn't have a lot of appointments scheduled so we did a lot of finding. I think I knocked a million doors. Not really. We knocked a lot but it was pretty fun! We met an older couple (in there late 80's) Tom and Erma. We knocked on there door and this little old lady comes to the door and yells to someone "its the Mormons". In my head I was thinking oh no here it comes she is not going to be happy to see us. She swung the door open and smiled and said "Come in" before we could get a word out! We taught them the restoration and invited them to be baptized. The declined which happens a lot. Then we tried to address there concerns and asked them to pray about baptism. They wouldn't even commit to praying about baptism. It was sad. Tom and Erma are the first people I have taught that wouldn't even commit to praying about baptism or to know if the church is true and has been restored to the earth. It was very sad to see. We continued to talk with them. We asked if there was anything we could do for them and they asked us to help them fix there hand rail. We quickly undid some bolts and showed them that they need to buy some parts. Then as we were saying good bye I noticed a small hand gun by Tom. I said that is a cool .22. He said thank you. I thought for a half second I was going to have to shoot whoever was at my door but then we saw it was the Mormons. Then we all started laughing because he obviously was joking.
The last experience I want to share happened yesterday. We again found ourselves knocking doors. We had been knocking for about an hour without anyone letting us in. Then we knocked into a family from Liberia. THey were a really nice family and REALLY hard to understand! We taught them the Restoration right as we started talking about the Book of Mormon there was a knock at the door. Two other ladies from Liberia walked in that knew the wife, Patience, when the lady that walked in Mable saw us she said Ive been looking for the church! She had been baptized while she lived in Salt lake City. She instantly started testifying to the family who was struggling understanding prophets and the Priesthood authority. All of there concerns were resolved. It was an awesome miracle! I love seeing and recognizing the miracles we see EVERY Day! It is awesome to be a missionary of Jesus Christs restored church! Have a great week!
I hope you can all understand my email. Sometimes they don't make sense to others like they do to me so sorry! haha Also I was able to go on exchanges with Elder Burtenshaw. He is from Mud Lake, Idaho and I knew him a little before the mission. He is a great missionary. We were in the MTC together! Attached is a picture of Elder Burtenshaw and myself! Sorry for the long email!
-Elder Lords

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