Monday, April 6, 2015

Conference Week!

Hey Everyone,
Things are going good from over here in Iowa. Today we received our transfer calls. I knew that I would be staying in Easter Lake(South Des Moines) with Elder Cox because we have 6 more weeks left of training then I will probably be transferred. By then I will have been here 6 months!That is crazy! I feel like I just got here yesterday! . President Jensen also called me to be the District Leader here in Easter Lake. Im a little nervous for that but it will help me grow as a missionary im sure.  
We had a pretty good week. Things were slower than usual but we were able to teach Kayla who is Korys wife. Kayla and Kory are a sweet young couple. They both just graduated college and Kayla is an auditor and Kory is a computer programmer so they are both really smart. It has been fun to teach them and on Wednesday we will be watching Meet the Mormons with them I am really excited!
This week we are hoping to find a few more people to teach. I loved what I learned from conference. Im so grateful to have a Prophet and apostles leading and guiding our church with Christ as the head. The apostasy was so real. I would encourage everyone to study the apostasy. It will build your testimony of the Restoration and that we have the Priesthood authority restored to the earth! I hope you all have a great week! Love you!
-Elder Lords 
P.S that is our new mission car haha! I wish! That is Elder Roberts our ties had matching patterns on Easter and so we took a picture. That is supposed to be my Easter looking tie!   


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