Wednesday, November 26, 2014

What A Week

Nov. 3
Hello Everyone,
This week was one of my more stressful weeks haha. It was great though, we taught a lot of lessons  this week. On the 30th we had to be in at 6 for beggars night, which is where people trick or treat in Des Moines. We also had to be in at 6 on Friday. It was hard to do that because Thursday, Friday, and Saturday are the busiest days for us. We decided to play ping pong on are kitchen table. (picture is attached) Ping pong turned into sting ping. On Thursday the Perrys fed us dinner. Brother Perry went to Japan on his mission and he fed us real Japanese food. My favorite were the giozias. 
The most stressful part of the week was Sunday. We had 6 investigators at church and it was stressful making sure they new where to go and what they were doing. It was great to see though. Hard work really pays off. 
We also played basketball with some high school aged kids. Terrel and Brandon and some of there friends. We bet them we could beat them to 21 and if we did we could share a message with them. We did beat them. They then said best 2 out of 3 so we played them again haha. We beat them the second time. we shared a message and they really enjoyed it. It was fun. 
On Sunday we went to another church before are church. It was the Regeneration church. We are teaching there Pastor Tony Cook. They are really nice people and said they would come to church with us if we went with them. It was strange cause they had a band playing music and  other things. They had a lot of truth but are missing the Priesthood and Prophets. 
Its getting colder every day. Things are great here in Cedar Rapids. I hope all is well. Love you all be safe! 

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