Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Crazy Week- Baptism, Interview with Elder Cardon of the 70

Nov. 17
Hello everyone,
Every week on my mission gets busier and busier. Walid did get baptized on Saturday and I was able to confirm him Sunday. It was a really cool experience he is 20 years old and says he is considering going on a mission. He is a great guy. We have another Baptism this Saturday for Shalandria (Shay) and Trevayln. We knocked into them in September. There mom Joanna is a member we found out but we didnt have there records. She was Baptized in Washington 8 years ago then got divorced and went inactive a few months after Baptism. Shay and Trevayln were in the Primary Program last week and Joanna was so proud of them. 
We are teaching a family of 7 from Rwanda. They don't speak very good English so they daughter translates. They are very nice people. They are Seventh day Adventist. They go to Church on Saturday and we are trying to help them get past the Sabbath being on Sunday.

We are also teaching a lady named Lisa. She is trying to quit smoking on is planning to get baptized on January 10th. She fed us dinner last night. Ive learned to eat what im given. She fed us Clams, Salmon, and Muscles. All seafood my mother knows how hard that was for me. I love Salmon though. 

Barbra is planning to get baptized December 13th but she is Catholic and is having some doubts. She struggles with the Plan of Salvation. We got her to give up Coffee and Tea. She is interesting and she talks a lot! 

This week we had a mission tour on Thursday. A mission tour is when a General Authority comes to the mission to see how the mission is running. Then he speaks at zone conference. I had the wonderful opportunity of being interview by Elder Craig A. Cardon of the 70. A general Authority and it was just me and him in a room for 10 minutes. It was very cool. Dont worry though I didnt do anything wrong haha! We got a phone call Wednesday night from the Assistants to the President. That doesn't happen to often haha. They said President Cardon has asked to interview 12 of the missions best Elders and Sisters. They accidentally picked me I guess haha! We just talked about my mission and family. He made me promise to tell my family something he said "tell your family they have raised a valiant,righteous, determined, hard working young man. You love the lord and your parents should be so proud of you. Plus your from Rexburg, Idaho so you can work!" It was a very cool experience he was so nice! Im doing well. I love the work. My testimony of the book of Mormon is only growing! Have an awesome week love you all! 
-Elder Lords


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