Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Great Week!

Nov. 24
Hello Everyone, 
We had a great week this week. We are staying busy. As of tomorrow we will have another companion for the week. Elder Ellsworth, one of the missionaries we live with, and one of my closest friends was called to be the Assistant to the President. He leaves for Des Moines tomorrow so we will be in a trio with Elder Bouwius. He is also a cool guy. We will be in a trio until transfers December 4th. I could be leaving Cedar Rapids its about 50/50. 
Shay and Trevayln were baptized Saturday. It reminded me a lot of when I baptized Trevin, it did make me a little homesick. Everyone is asking about are plans for thanksgiving, We are supposed to do missionary work. We will be  going to a members to eat at 12. We will be very busy the next week because we now will cover 2 areas. 
Cedar Rapids 3rd ward which is are normal ward and 2nd ward with Elder Bouwis. We will be in meetings from 7am to 4pm Sunday haha. We have church at 1 and the first ward has church at 9. That will be a long day. 
Walid the man we baptized from Lebanon came up to us at church and said we need to baptize my family. He lives with his mom and Aunt and a couple siblings. We went over after church and taught the first lesson, the restoration. It went very well. He translated for his mom who speaks hardly any English. She is fluent in Arabic and French. Walid is teaching us words in Arabic its pretty cool! I hope you all have an awesome thanksgiving. I'm very grateful. Ive been given so much. I have an awesome family. My family are all members of the church. That is such a blessing. I am thankful i am serving a mission. I love Reading the Scriptures. Love you all have a good thanksgiving. Watch the Seahawks game for me on thanksgiving haha! 
Elder Lords

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