Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Transfer Week

We received Transfer calls this week and I'm leaving. I'm sad because we have been working so hard and seeing a lot of success. I guess i'm meant to be somewhere else though. Im also excited to see a new area. Ive been here in Cedar Rapids for 4 months! The time is flying by for me. The last 7 week transfer was over in the blink of an eye.
For thanksgiving we ate at a couple of members houses. We were told to continue doing missionary work though. We tried but people arent to receptive on Thanksgiving. We worked hard though none the less. Its been really fun being in a Trio with Elder Gower my original companion and Elder Bouwhuis. We will only be together about 2 weeks total but its been a cool experience. Im sad to leave Cedar Rapids. Im excited to go else where though too! Im putting my guess in for Des Moines or Iowa City haha! 
We meet a really cool guy named Greg this week. He almost yelled at us but he sad he felt different this time having contact with missionaries. He is a Vietnam veteran and he is pretty cool! He is kinda like Grandpa Lords but he swears worse than a sailor! 
I am so grateful for all that im blessed with. I have an awesome family! I have the best friends. Ive been given so much! The song "Because I have been given much" keeps coming to mind. I really do need to give because I have been given so much! Everything we have is because of Heavenly Father. I love the opportunity I have to serve every day! The Lord is hastening the work. We all can be missionaries even if we arent on missions. Referring people for the missionaries is such a blessing! I know that God lives. He loves us all! I know that we have Prophets leading and Guiding are Church. Im grateful for Thomas S Monson. I KNOW he is a prophet of God! I love you all! Have and awesome week! Be careful! 
-Elder Lords 
Pictures are Thanksgiving and the District.

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