Monday, October 27, 2014

Just another week in Iowa

We had a pretty great week filled with lots of biking. The weather was in the 40's at the first of the week but for the weekend it warmed up to 70 or so degrees. We averaged about 16 miles per day on the bikes. Me and my companion are very grateful we have the car this week. It makes missionary work so much more efficient!
We found a young couple we started teaching them yesterday. He has a strong addiction to cigarettes, but he has the desire to quit. We will start teaching him the start smoking workshop soon. 
We had a couple great lessons with Walid. We finished teaching him most of the commandments and he is so willing to live them. He is preparing to get baptized on November 15th we might move it up a couple days. His family doesn't want to join the church but they are okay with Walid joining the church. 
We had a great week, the highlight was when we knocked on a door and a lady yelled at us haha! Its always funny to look back after people yell at you. She said "it was Adam and Eve, not Adam and Eve and Eves sisters." hahah People can be hard hearted. I hope everything is well! Love you all! 
-Elder Lords

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