Monday, October 13, 2014


Well the transfer calls are in and Elder Olsen is leaving. On Thursday we drive to Iowa City for transfer meeting. I will receive a new companion.
We had a good week. It was pretty interesting. The man that came with us to the priesthood session is on date to be Baptized on November 15th. He didnt attend church it was a little upsetting. He is a great guy he is just busy with Midterms. We also have some new investigators they are a younger family. He is an engineer for Honeywell the company that makes thermostats and other things. He is also the Pastor for a Nondenominational Christian Church. He is a great guy. He hasnt tried to bash with us once. Im positive he could bash he knows the bible well, he chooses to listen and learn. He is a great guy. We helped them build a fence the other day. Things are going great here in Cedar Rapids! I hope everyone is doing well!
Im sad to see my companion Elder Olsen leave, but he is needed else where and im excited for a new companion. We had a very good week. It is getting cold hear in Iowa. We had to break out the Winter coats after church yesturday we had some freezing fog/ freezing rain it was cold! We get the car back tonight for the week so that is exciting! We save a lot of time in travel having the car! AND it has a heater haha! Well take care everyone have a great week! Love you all! 
Elder Lords

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