Monday, October 20, 2014

New Companion

Well we had a good week this week. We went to transfer meeting in Iowa City. My old companion Elder Olsen is now in West Des Moines im still in Cedar Rapids with my companion Elder Gowers. He is from Spanish Fork, Utah. He is a cool guy. We get along well. He is a great teacher. He has been out 6 months.
The man were teaching from Lebanon, is doing so good! He is really busy but still made time for church yesterday so that was good!

We are teaching all of the commandments, and this really sorts out the wheat from the tares. So, people aren't willing to follow the Word of Wisdom. We started teaching him the word of wisdom and he said, I will obey the word of wisdom because it is a commandment. I love God and i want to follow his commandments. It was so cool! He is planning to be Baptized November 15th. Im very excited for him. He stopped smoking 2 months before we meet him. The Lord really softened his heart. None of his family is quite ready though.

We also had another cool experience. We knocked into a less active lady that we dont have the Records for. She is a Grandma who joined the Church 5 or 6 years ago. She told us she has been wanting to come to church. This was Saturday night about 8:30 p.m. she told us she would come to church. Thats what every less active says though haha! So we texted her and reminded her Sunday morning. She came to church and was so happy. Its crazy that since I have been here we have knocked into 5 less active members that we didnt have there record for. We have been able to get all of them back to church except a new married couple.  

I hope everyone is doing well. Winter is just around the corner. The leaves are falling here and its getting cold! Hope your all doing well. I love you all!  We got to go on a tour of general mills. It was so cool we got to eat hot koshers right out of the machine. Our ward mission leader, Brother Woods, works at General Mills and took us there.
-Elder Lords
                                                                   General Mills
                                                  Elder Lords and his new companion!

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