Tuesday, July 12, 2016

New Mission President

July 3, 2016 
This week we said "Goodbye" to President and Sister Jensen. It was hard to see them leave. They have taught me, and anyone who has been around them so much. It was great getting to know them. I will stay in contact with them for a while. 

This week we had a lot of good things happen. We were in our area most of the week. We got to teach a good number of people. We also had a few people at church. I hope that I will be able to help a few more people be baptized in the month of July. 

Justin was given the Aaronic Priesthood today. That was really neat to witness. He is doing well. It will be fun to see him pass the sacrament this upcoming week. I love that the Priesthood Authority has been restored to the earth. It has blessed my life. I know it is God's power to act in his name for the salvation of his children.

We also met a cool guy from Cameroon, Africa. His name is Serge (pronounced Surge) he is a great man. We met him on Wednesday and taught him. He came to church on Sunday, and he bore his testimony. It was great. He was trying to get the audience to be more interactive so he was saying "Amen" and "Hallelujah" from the pulpit. He is very humble. I have learned a lot from him. He has Polio, but he still has a great attitude. He is very successful he works for Wells Fargo as a financial investigator. 

This week we will travel to 4 different Zone Conferences. The mission will get to meet the Badgers. I really like the Badgers. They are very kind and loving. President Badger is a very nice man. He is and will make a great mission President. We also will be in Nauvoo on Friday for the British Pageant. I am excited for that. Have a great week. 

-Elder Josh Lords

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