Sunday, March 20, 2016

Happy Valentines Day!

February 14, 2016
Hey Everyone, 
Life is good! I love being a missionary. We had a great week. We drove a lot. We drove 700 miles this week. We drove all over the mission going to Zone Training Meetings. It was good. Elder Banta and myself feel we addressed some issues that have been slowing the work down in the Iowa Des Moines Mission. During are travels we also stopped at the worlds largest truck stop on I-80. (I will attach pictures.) We also stopped at the field where they filmed the field of dreams. (pictures for that as well.) It was night and the set was closed since it is winter. It was cool though. 

Dakota is going to be baptized on Feb 27th so that is great. We are teaching a bunch of Liberians. I LOVE the African people. They are so humble and Christ like. We were telling a Liberian lady that we are teaching, Tonia, that we had never met a mean Liberian. She said that there are some mean Liberians then later in the week we met a Liberian that kinda ignored us, but I still haven't met a Liberian who is actually mean. It is really cool. White people are mean to us daily haha! 

We got 3 or 4 inches of snow this week. We had Sacrament Meeting and only 40 people were there to start the meeting. By the end of Sacrament we had about 60 people so they cancelled the rest of the meetings. Three inches wouldn't slow us Idahoans down. Haha! I was asked to speak this Sunday. I spoke on "Keeping an Eternal Perspective". I think it went pretty well. I will share a quote that I shared from President Uchtdorf "If you trust the Lord and obey Him, He will help you achieve the great potential He sees in you." Love you all! Have a good week!

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