Monday, March 9, 2015

What a Week!

Hey Everyone,
What a week it has been. The stress in missionary life can be stressful haha! So last week I talked about how Coreanas date was going to have to be moved back. Well during Pday we got a call from President Jensen. He had heard about Coreana and her date being moved and he said to do everything we could to get her Baptized. I thought it would be impossible. We went to work anyways. President Jensen wanted her to get baptized so she could have the gift of the Holy Ghost when she left this week to go see family in Texas. So we meet with her everyday this last week helping her prepare for Baptism. She passed her interview on Wednesday and we announced the baptism as best we could. Usually we announce them the Sunday before but we didn't think she would be getting baptized.
It ended up being the most spirit filled baptism ive been apart of or seen on my mission. Coreana was so excited to get baptized. She was sitting in the gym before the baptism listening to the prelude music and she just cried and cried from then until after she was baptized. It was cool to see her get baptized. She almost didn't come because she was feeling to sick she texed and told us that. I was stressing out!
The only sad part to the story is she didn't show up to church sunday to get confirmed before she left to Texas! She texted and said "im too sick to come. ill see you when im back from texas." Well immediately I went into thinking like my Dad. The thoughts going through my mind are things my Dad would say to me on Sunday. "If your too sick to come to church then your too sick to hang out with your friends next weekend!" haha then I really wanted to tell her that if she was to sick to come to church she was too sick to go to Texas haha. I didn't tell her that. We just told her the blessings that would come if she came to church and how important it is. She didn't come and I was so sad, but Heavenly Father gave us our agency. She choose not to come and will have to wait 2 weeks to receive the gift of the holy ghost when she is back. This week we also knocked into a Ton of Muslims it was very interesting. That is a very interesting experience and the church has strict rules on teaching them because their lives can be endanger if the return to there homelands.
Anyways we had a good week. Things are going well and Elder Cox is doing awesome! He is really working into the swing of missionary work! Love you all! 


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