Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Hello Everyone!

Hey Everyone!
Everything is going good. Here all the snow is melting. Sounds like it is melting about everywhere though. Well we had a pretty great week. We have been staying busy. We had the car this week and we always get so much done with the car. We teach a lot more lessons and see more people its great. We don't get to talk to as many people while walking and it gets us out knocking doors more if we aren't in the car. This week we met a guy named Doug. He is a super cool 24 year old. He is crazy smart but has to much ADD to go to college. We had a great discussion with him. He is from Cedar Rapids so me and him talk all about Cedar Rapids haha! He is like ever other Iowan he can talk for DAYS and he smokes like a chimney.
We also had another cool experience. We got a call from a man in Utah named Dan Bell. He was a missionary in this mission about 30 years ago. He still has had contact with a man in this mission named Maurie. He is a really cool guy. He has read the Book of Mormon a couple times. He lives with his Sister in the Winter and then he lives under a bridge here in Des Moines in the summer. He is a really great guy.
Carena also came to church this sunday. She is preparing for baptism on March 7th! We are really excited for her. I just hope i don't get transferred by then. But if i do as long as she gets baptized that is all that matters. I hope all is well for everyone! Be safe and have a great week! Love you all!  
-Elder Lords

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